Banana Beach Patacona, your restaurant at Patacona

Traveling is the best way to grow, because each stop of our life journey gives us something different and enriches us as human beings. That’s the raison d’être of Banana Beach Patacona, your restaurant at Playa de la Patacona.

The beginning of the trip at Banana Beach is in our patacona beach restaurants, but there’s more. Through the senses you can transport yourself to Hawaii or New York, but without forgetting the best of the Mediterranean cuisine in Valencia. All this, with the healthy touch of Banana.

What is Banana Beach Patacona

Banana Beach is the place for those who are looking to discover new cultures through their flavours. We’re much more than a restaurant on the beach of Valencia, it’s a place where you can express yourself freely and enjoy life.

The dishes of our menu, made with local and fresh ingredients, will transport you to different parts of the world at any time and throughout the year. Gyozas, Chicken Curry, Poke Bowls, Noodles, Spicy Fried Sweet Potatoes…

Do you want to join our trip?

Flavours of the world

At Banana Beach we offer you an experience where you can eat in the patacona different and international dishes, but we want to propose something else. We give you the opportunity to connect with new people, cultures and stories.

All our dishes have their origin around the world, from the Poke Bowls of the Pacific, through the Noodles of Southeast Asia and reaching the United States with its burgers. But without forgetting our environment, our place of Patacona restaurants.

In the menu you can also find traditional dishes with Mediterranean and local ingredients such as our Grandma’s Croquettes. In addition, they’re also available to enjoy as a takeaway Valencia.

To unite all these cultures, we have a daily menu in which Monday to Friday you can immerse yourself fully in each culture or try a little of everything, is up to you!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Patacona

At Banana Beach we believe that you cannot start a trip on an empty stomach. That’s why if you are looking for breakfast in Valencia, this is your place. We have breakfasts for all tastes, with the freshest and healthiest ingredients, and vegan options!

If you want to go a step further, we have prepared the best brunch Valencia. With our Brunch Banana Beach Menu you will enjoy a very international and varied weekend.

When it comes to where to eat in the patacona, we have it clear. Our dishes are for people open to live new experiences and discover new horizons. And what better way to do it than from one of the restaurants on the beach Valencia, a city with so many different cultures.

The best thing about traveling is to do it without schedules, with the freedom to know that whenever you want, we will be waiting for you in Banana. Dining in patacona has never been so universal and exotic, we are open to everyone and have options for all tastes.

Eat and live in a healthy way

Although in our menu you will find a wide variety of international dishes, there is something that manages to unite all these flavours and that gives a meaning to our restaurant: the healthy ingredients that compose them.

Our raw material is fresh, seasonal and from proximity, because we not only want to take care of your health, but also of everything around us.

Sustainable atmosphere

At Banana Beach Patacona you won’t only travel through taste. We want you to enter fully into the trip and, therefore, in our patacona restaurants we have created a sustainable and welcoming environment with unique pieces.

All the decoration of our restaurants on the beach of Valencia encourages you to live adventures, from the surfboards that hang from the ceiling to the wooden bicycle, undoubtedly the main character. It has travelled from Brazil and represents all our values: it’s an ecological and sustainable mean of transport, perfect to enjoy it with friends or family and that works thanks to the push of people. We invite you to discover it!

The best of the Malvarrosa Valencia beach restaurants are their unique views and at Banana Beach we want to up the ante. We offer you a breakfast, lunch or dinner in an exceptional location and international flavours, but also a privileged place to sleep in the heart of Playa de la Patacona.

Bed & Breakfast

To be able to make the most of the trip you must regain strength to wake up every day wanting more. We want you to feel at home while moving around the world. For make this possible, we have three rooms with a shared terrace and an attic with amazing sea views.

Variety is one of the cornerstones of Banana Beach and couldn’t be less for our rooms. We have three options with shared terrace depending on what you need: Penthouse Apartment with 4 bedrooms, Deluxe Double Room or the Superior Double Room with Sea View.

With the best of the bed & breakfast philosophy and the excellent attention of our staff, we have everything you need to relax and disconnect after a day full of adventures.

You can also enjoy one of the best Valencia breakfasts from your room. But you don’t have to stay with us to enjoy our food (although we would love to and you are more than welcome), because we offer you a take away Valencia with which we will bring the Patacona to your home or holiday apartment.

For more information, you can see what each of them includes and book them right now by clicking here.

Banana Magazine: Everything You Need to Know

We want to make you a very important part of this project and share our experiences with you. For this reason, our team have created a magazine where you can find out everything that happens in Banana Beach Patacona.

But that’s not all, we will also tell you some of our recipes and give you tips to discover Valencia, and all its secrets, in the most sustainable way. Banana wants you to discover a new way of travelling and to join our movement in the search of a more sustainable tourism.

Be the Banana movement

Now you know everything you need to really jut out into the philosophy of Banana Beach Patacona, the beach restaurants Valencia born to be an oasis in the city.

We tell you our origin: The Banana is a fruit from South Asia, however it can be found in any corner of the world. Its nutritional properties are well known, but the best thing is its versatility, everyone knows it.

That is our goal at Banana Beach Patacona, we want to be a meeting point between different people, cultures and stories where there is room for all types of travelers, regardless of their destination.

In this blog we want to share everything that moves us. We want to be more than a place to eat in the patacona, we seek to know you and your journey. We’re looking forward to being a special stop on your trip.

¡Be the Banana!

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