Original Kombucha

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Original Kombucha

Kombucha is a refreshing, energizing, probiotic fermented tea beverage.


Product Information
Intolerances: Gluten Free
Certificates: EU Organic Farming
Ecological Level: Bio

Original Kombucha Voelkel 750 ml

The harmonious combination of green tea and aromatic herbs give this fermented and slightly effervescent soft drink an incomparable flavor. Without additives or concentrates, it only includes 100% natural ingredients, preserved by pasteurization. By not including filtrate in its production process, it maintains all its nutrients, making it a great source of antioxidants and probiotics, helping digestion and strengthening the immune system.


Herbal tea extract* 96% (natural mineral water, green tea*, black tea*, yerba mate leaves*, linden flowers*, lemon verbena*, cornflower flowers*, lemon balm*, Nanah mint*, nettle* , rubilla*, elderflowers*, raspberry leaves*, marigold flowers*, blackberry leaves*, licorice root*), whole cane brown sugar*, Kombucha culture, spring carbon dioxide. Alcohol content less than 0.5%

* organic farming

Nutritional values ​​per 100ml

Energy value kcal.18 / kJ.76

Fats: 0.500

of which saturated 0.100

Carbohydrates 4,600

of which sugars 4,600

Proteins 0.500

Salt 0.010

All the information detailed in the product sheets as well as nutritional information can be modified by the manufacturers. Therefore, there may be a discrepancy at some point. However, as soon as they transfer this information to us, we update it in the product information.


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